How many hours does your company spend collecting meter readings every year? Are your employees tired of responding to phone calls, faxes and emails that request meter readings for every device? The Carolina Office Systems Smart Meter System can save time and money by eliminating the need for manual meter readings.

Automatic Meter Reading can:

  • Take the headache out of meter collection with automated meter reads. There are a number of immediate benefits to automating as many of your meter reads as possible.
  • Eliminate the need to have people involved in collecting meters, reducing your costs.
  • Provide accurate and timely reads that will reduce billing errors due to inaccurate estimates -- and the associated costs to correct them.
  • Reduce overage payments by collecting usage data every month instead of quarterly.
  • Provide quarterly reviews that can help you optimize your fleet based on actual usage.
  • Capture the error history for each device, allowing you to proactively manage your fleet.

Getting started is easy, fast and FREE. SIGN UP TOADY!. All you need are your machine models and serial numbers.