COS 360° Assessment

COS 360° Assessment

We start by seeing the big picture

Today’s economic climate is forcing companies to focus on being leaner, look for ways to reduce costs, improve overall efficiency and increase profitability. The COS 360° Assessment serves as a gateway to discovering new and better ways to work with technology and handle the flow of information. Through years of collecting hard evidence and conducting thousands of assessments, we have identified seven core areas that drive the alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.

The Methodology

Our experienced consultants utilize a multi-source approach to build a true picture of your current infrastructure - making it easy for you to clearly see what is needed.

A Revolutionary Assessment Methodology

The COS 360° Assessment measures the core areas required to achieve true optimization. It is a multi-source approach that delivers a comprehensive snapshot, providing clear visibility into each of seven core business areas. Integrated reporting tools deliver concrete, actionable guidelines for complete alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.